NFBR is represente on a range of committees and working groups that help to develop and promote biological recording:

  • NBN Board of Trustees – Alan Stewart
  • NBN Captivating and Engaging People Working Group – Graham Walley (Lead)
  • NBN Data Flow, Online Recording and Verification Working Group – Simon Pickles and Paula Lightfoot
  • State of Nature Partnership – Graham Walley
  • Biodiversity Data Users Group – Martin Harvey and Jodey Peyton
  • Biological Recording in Scotland (BRISC) - Jonathan Willet
  • Natural Sciences Collections Association (NatSCA) - Paul Brown
  • Linnean Society Taxonomy and Systematics Committee – Vacant
  • Atlas of Living Scotland / England / Wales / UK steering groups - Vacant

Thanks to the individuals who carry out this work on behalf on NFBR. If anyone has any interest in any of these groups, would like to feed in their views, or would like to represent NFBR on any other working group, then please contact us.