The National Forum for Biological Recording is a registered charity number 1152948.  It has a board of six Trustees who form the Executive Committee.  Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a period of three years, and appoint honorary officers consisting of a Chairman and a Treasurer from amongst their number.

The Advisory Council of the Forum, elected at an AGM, acts as an advisory body to the Trustees with devolved responsibility.  NFBR Council meets at least twice a year to develop and steer NFBR policy and activities.  Working groups may be appointed by the Advisory Council to develop specific projects.   Organisations whose aims and objectives are compatible with those of NFBR may nominate a member to represent that organisation’s views to the Advisory Council.

The objectives, activities and governance of the NFBR are set out in its constitution.

NFBR's entry and annual return can be found in the Register of Charities on the Charity Commission Website.

The last AGM of NFBR was held in Sheffield on the 24th April 2015.  Minutes can be downloaded here.