About us

Who we are

The National Forum for Biological Recording is the premier UK organisation for practitioners engaged with biological recording across the UK. Membership includes individual naturalists, national organisations and recording societies, local records centres and their staff. This gives it a unique perspective and an important role.

NFBR is a registered charity overseen by a board of six Trustees under the guidance of an Advisory Council, in accordance with our Constitution

What we do

We seek to promote and influence the development of biological recording and the use, management and dissemination of biodiversity information.  We advocate the importance of biological recording and a biodiversity evidence base by responding to relevant consultations and participating in working groups to inform policy and practice.  A Strategic Plan, available to download from the Resources page, provided a framework for our development during 2011-15.  We publish a regular members’ newsletter, maintain this website and run conferences on a range of topics relevant to every aspect of biological recording.


  • advocates the importance of accurate biodiversity information and environmental evidence in decision-making
  • engenders high standards and best practice in biological recording and data management
  • encourages the flow of biodiversity data
  • brings together recorders, schemes and societies, data managers, record centres and biodiversity data users
  • provides a forum for knowledge-sharing and discussion of all aspects of recording and record management
  • publicises recording initiatives and novel information uses
  • encourages the teaching and mentoring of biological recording at all levels
  • fosters broad public participation in recording activities
  • promotes continuation of the UK’s recording tradition throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland