Biological recording in general

Local Environmental Records Centres and County Ecologists

National Recording Schemes

Local Natural History Societies

Species Status Reviews


  • NatSCA - The Natural Sciences Collections Association (NatSCA) is the UK's organisation for representing Natural Science Collections and associated museum staff, and for communicating all relevant developments and news - see also Natural History Collections Near You.
  • Fenscore - The Federation for Natural Sciences Collections Research was set up in 1980 to co-ordinate the activities of regional groups of curators in the UK who then were beginning to survey natural science collections in their areas.


Sources of Biodiversity and Environmental Data

Identification Resources

  • iSpot is a friendly and free community helping to identify wildlife and share nature
  • The Field Studies Council's Tomorrow's Biodiversity ID Signpost is a searchable database of ID resources, which is kept updated by the community
  • TaxonAid is an online tool dedicated to improving techniques in taxonomic identification, showcased at the 2015 NFBR Conference
  • Insect Rambles Blogspot - a list of links to online resources for species ID across multiple taxa collated by NFBR member Richard Comont

Training Courses

Free Open Source Technology for Biodiversity Data

  • Indicia is an open source toolkit which has been used to build hundreds of wildlife recording websites and apps, including iRecord
  • QGIS is a free and open source geographic information system (GIS)
  • QGIS plugin for biological recorders was developed as part of the FSC's Tomorrow's Biodiversity project and showcased at the 2015 NFBR conference
  • rNBN and SPARTA are packages for extracting data from the NBN database and analysing trends in unstructered species occurrence datasets using the free open source software environment, R.

DNA barcoding