Consultation Responses

As an independent organisation with a well-informed membership, NFBR provides constructive, unbiased input to influence policy and practice regarding the collection, management and use of biodiversity information.

Some examples of recent responses to consultations are below:

  • NFBR response to joint review of JNCC - January 2016 (download PDF)
  • NFBR response to NBN Strategic Action Plan - June 2015 (download PDF)
  • NFBR response to NBN Strategy - 2014 (download PDF)
  • NFBR response to GBIF consultation on data licensing - 2014 (download PDF)
  • NFBR response to NERC consultation on potential change of governance of its research centres - August 2013 (download PDF)
  • NFBR response to Defra consultation on biodiversity indicators - 2012 (download PDF)
  • NFBR notes on Natural Environment White Paper - 2011 (download PDF)
  • NFBR response to BRISC petition PE1229 to Scottish Government - March 2009 (download PDF)