Follow these links to download presentations from "National Recording Schemes and Societies - celebrating the past, looking to the future"

Thursday 12th May

Stuart Roberts, BWARS - (Keynote Address) Biological Recording: The role of volunteers in the conservation panoply (download pdf)

Louise Marsh, BSBI - Collaboration between BSBI and other organisations at a national and local scale (download pdf)

Thom Dallimore, Edge Hill University - Perceiving the imperceptible: can modern technology open doors for uncharismatic species? (download pdf)

Damian McFerran, CEDaR - Folded in: CEDaR and the NSS, a case study (download pdf)

Craig Macadam, National Ephemeroptera Recording Scheme and Buglife - The Riverfly Monitoring Initiative - public engagement and river water quality monitoring (download pdf)

A summary of the conclusions and recommendations from the afternoon workshops will be added in due course.

Friday 13th May

Garth Foster, Balfour-Browne Club and Aquatic Coleoptera Conservation Trust - Water beetles: towards the end of Phase 2 (download pdf)

Keiron Brown, Earthworm Recording Scheme - Wriggling into recording: setting up the Earthworm Recording Scheme (download pdf)

Esther Hughes, Marine Biological Association - Marine life recording at the MBA: developments and plans for the future (download pdf)

Carol Inskipp, Weardale Wildlife Group - Wildlife Recording in Weardale (download pdf)

Ian Winfield, CEH - Mapping fish tomorrow: The BRC Freshwater Fish Recording Scheme

Jon Webb, Natural England - Species Status Reviews (download pdf)  (download Species Status Reviews)

Jon Webb, Natural England - An Introduction to Pantheon, the invertebrate online analytical database (download pdf)

Chloe Smith, Edge Hill University - Using the BSBI database to explore the impact of climate change on the British flora (download pdf)

Darren Mann, Oxford University Museum of Natural Histroy - Museum collections: just a load of dead stuff? (download pdf)

Chloe Rose, ID Trainers for the Future, NHM - Developing an ID resource with support from a museum (download pdf)

Pete Boardman, Natural England Field Unit - Accidental or 'meant' mentoring, the art of paying it forward (download pdf)

Keiron Brown, Field Studies Council - BioLinks: Providing biodiversity training in the West Midlands and South East (download pdf)

Rachel Stroud, NBN - Making the most of the time, hard work and expertise that volunteers donate (download pdf)

Steve Prentice, NFBR - Results of the NFBR survey of National Recording Schemes and Societies (download pdf)